Aeron Neasa


Aeron Neasa is half Elf half human. She lives on the coin she steals from pouches or from the horses she steals. Any job you have she'll take for a price. She often gets in trouble with the law, the most she ever stays in a town is up to five days. At times you will see her have a panic attack that leaves her in a ball.


Aeron uses a long dagger and a short bow. Her arrows are iron, the only ones she can afford. Most of the time she is sneaky so she normally doesn't have to kill people. At times she will use her blunder bust. Maybe something else later too!


White hair that feathers out around her shoulder, normally covered by a dark blue hood. She almost always wears a face mask unless she's eating or is by someone she trusts. She wears a corset that fits her perfectly, it's a darker grey. She wears tied up boots and pants that tuck into the boots. She wears leather under her corset with chainmail tied in around her upper arms. Gloves stretch from her elbow to her knuckles, the are a deep black. Rarely you will ever see parts of her skin but she is quite skinny and small. Her eyes are completely black which throw off people at times.


Doesn't talk about it often, but you can see scars and brandings on her face, arms, neck and back. Not only that but she is fluent in Japenease. (She does have depression and anxiety, but hides it with her fake confidence. As the story progesses you will learn where she got it from.) Never had a best friend before. Never met her parents, always been a matter of survival.


Generally quite. Likes to take care of people, like near death situations though. Acts all tough but is really nice. Easily angered but it's instinct. Blushes often, and is quite noticeable because of how pale she is. Acts super confident but really is not inside. Doesn't trust people at all. Has a good sense of humor, but normally doesn't express it. Kind of a loner, being in a group has been a challnge for her. She likes it but she's not really used to it. Enjoys spending time with humans. Gets ride of everything all time, doesn't hold on to things. Hates elfs, which is hard for her sense she's half one.


Supposed to be in the same realm as Mya Startorn. In progress.

-played by HarlyQ500

Kinda what Aeron looks like. (I did not make or own this photo)

Kyla La Grange - Cut Your Teeth

Kyla La Grange - Cut Your Teeth


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A person that you might see later except more elf like.