Alegria is a mixed breed of horse. She isn't a horse really. You can say she is a unicorn with wings; or a Pegasus with a horn. Some idiots would try to call her a 'pegacorn', which would result in them getting skewered with a horn. Her father was a Pegasus, and her mother was a unicorn. They were from rival herds and when Alegria showed up in her mothers herd, she was brutally thrown out and marked as a mutant outcast. She was found and raised by another unicorn, which had started practicing black magic and was banished from its herd. She is elegant, graceful, and brutal, if need be. She can talk but, considering that she only has hooves, there are only a limited number of things she can do. She is white, even her horn and her wings. Don't call her albino, you'd be lying, because her hooves are more cream colored than white.