This is the page for Lucien Darkflame's cave. Also known as the Angel's Den.

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The staircase leading to my cave door.

My cool looking door.

This is the entrance hall to my home. There are four paths from here. Far left, left-center, center, and right.

This is the far left path which is a sort of meeting place for all the people who, for some reason, can get past the locks on my door. This room is also connected to my forge which explains why I have made so many ventilation shafts.

This is the kitchen it is down the left-center path.

This is a room adjoined to the kitchen. It's main purpose is for storage. My secret stash of alchemical supplies is down here.

This is my bedroom it is down the center path.

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This is the cavern that Regulus Grimstone lives in. It is down the right path in the entrance hall.