Height: 6'1 Light skinned; Wears: light fabrics, a bag, and stiff boots; Attitude: aloof as if in constant thought


I was always the odd one out, no one really ever liked me, though I always seemed to succeed in what I did. My life was rather boring. I owned a deck of tarot deck which I used a good bit, this scared many of my school mates for my predictions came out true more often then not.

One day I was out in the woods near my house when a strange man suddenly fell from a tree nearly landing on top of me. "Who the heck are you?!" I asked startled. He just held up a rock on a string which started to spin then suddenly stopped pointing towards me. "Hmmmmm interesting " he looked up at me oddly "What?" I looked back at him perplexed, but he didn't respond, he was rooting around in a pouch on his belt, "ah-ha!" he proclaimed as he pulled a silver charm from the pouch "here" he said tossing me the charm. I caught it and immediately everything became much clearer and I could make out each blade of grass "what the heck is this?" I mouthed but nothing came out I looked down to see... Myself!? The strange man reached into my palm and removed the charm. I was suddenly back in my body and on the ground. "What the heck?" he looks at me and finally starts to talk " it's curious to find a natural auramancer in a place like this, you have the ability to control your aura and use pure magic. "I would like you to come with me" he said as he took out a golden coin and threw it to the ground. I stood dumbfounded not sure if he was kidding or insane. He took out a knife and slashed the air opening a jagged portal "coming?" he asked and stepped through. He didn't have to ask twice.


I can control my own aura and use a natural form of magic, I can freely leave my body and possess objects, the more human the better.


Dark clothes

A bag with a collection of magikal tools

A knife that allows me to travel to any demension in which Meave has left a coin

Sturdy shoes

A small bow (think Attila the Hun)

A quiver of different tipped arrows