Appearance Height - 6'2 Weight - 255 pounds Age - 25 Description - I have brown, usually ruffled hair, and a scraggly beard. I weigh 255, but it's all muscle. I have deep blue eyes, that turn blood red when fighting an enemy. I usually wear light body armor.

Equipment I carry a large, heavy mace that has spikes on the end. I also have a round shield with the symbol of my clan, the Uzuba'eren. I also carry a sword, just in case.

Companions I travel with two companions. The Mage, Azutan, and the dragon, Vrithmir. Azutan has many potions for healing after battles, and carries antidotes to venom. Azutan was the wielded of the Darkensword before Firehan stole it. Vrithmir is golden and somewhat large. I ride him into battle. He breathes golden flames with green tints and can lift large boulders.

Firehan Firehan is my mortal enemy. He wears all black, has black hair and eyes, and is a wilder of dark magic. I am trying to defeat him in order to save the Darkensword from his grasp.

Darkensword The Darkensword is an ancient sword that brings great power to whoever wields it. Currently, it has been stolen by Firehan. I am trying to save it and return it to Azutan and the other peace-keeping wizards so they can return it to the temple of Othollan.