Hello, my name is Dethrix Bloodbane. I am part human, angel, and demon, a very hard thing to be. I was kicked out from both heaven and hell, and now live with other humans and elves of that sort. Im normally not very open to other things, and will kill as I like out of my way. I have two saber like swords, made of dark crystal energy and souls. Deathfang, my companion and wolf, also has the power of dark crystal energy. Don't get me wrong, I am no Mage.

Name: Dethrix Bloodbane.

Weapons: two saber like swords, made of dark crystal energy, and a sharp mystical dagger.

Class: Rogue, assassin like.

Race: Part human, part demon and part angel.

Hair color: dark brown.

Eye color: a dark shade of grey.

Mount: Wolf

Height: 6.5 foot

Weight: 65 kilograms

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Weakness- RECENTLY FOUND - Magically enhanced arrows, plasma energy that comes from certain crystals.