Description: My name is Dragor Nexus, I am also known as The Eternal Flame. I am a sorcerer, but I also use weapons of all kind, my favorite being the Eternal Blade, which is where my title comes from. I can cast any spell to amaze you, sending explosions, healing, lightning, fire, ice, gravity and lots more everywhere at the same time (though it might go fizzly and blow up myself), but I am the best at fire spells. My mount is an Elemental Dragon, Blaze. I am very knowledgeable, and wise, quick thinking, and fast acting (and insane, most of the time). I would know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, in every situation, all with a hint of insanity.

Name: Dragor Nexus.

Weapons: All of every kind, though not indestructible, most hanging on a display wall where I live, protected by a shield, and slightly weaker than other enhanced weapons, which is a downfall in close combat.

Abilities: Spells, Shapeshifting, Healing, More Spells, Sword Combat, Archery, being Insane, and did I mention spells?

Class: Sorcerer.

Race: Human, quarter elfish.

Hair colour: Dark grey.

Eye colour: Almost black.

Mount: Elemental Dragon.

Height: 5.5 foot.

Weight: 75 kilograms.

Likes: Exploring, magic, weapons, good food.

Dislikes: Enemies, orcs, trolls, evil creatures, bad cake/muffins.

Thank you for reading my profile!

~Dragor Nexus the 88th, The Eternal Flame.