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Drake is a very old vampire and due to this his powers have matured and become stronger. He was turned at the age of 18 about 4,000 years ago. He has a tattoo of the daemon crow on his chest.


Drake suffered a heart attack on his 18th birthday. The demon crow saw him on his death bed and said “I can give you eternal life. But only as long as I’m your familiar." Drake being only 18 and about to die he agreed saying "fine." The daemon crow then covered him in feathers. Drake is a vampire so that he can keep his end of the deal that he made with the daemon crow. He has a tattoo that the daemon crow dwells in.


Feather Magic - Whenever he casts a spell feathers are cast around him.

Vampire Aura- All the basic vampire strengths, but none of their weaknesses.

Daemon Tongue- He can speak to daemon in their natural language.