• Elizabeth's corset, worn over a short-sleeved white blouse.
  • Elizabeth's boots, only less heeled.
  • An example of Elizabeth's hair, only dirty blonde and much longer.
Elizabeth, Liz, is 5'9" tall and is average weight. Her hair is waist length, and dirty blonde. She is almost always wearing a steampunk-based outfit. In her steampunk outfit, she wears a brown corset over a short sleeved white blouse. She wears plain brown leggings and brown heeled boots. Her hair is normally in pigtails in this outfit, with goggles.

-Currently Liz has a strange obssession with Ravens. She is typically wearing an odd black feathered corset and black shorts with black  heeled knee high boots. She is often found as a Raven, that being her current favorite animal to shapeshift into.


Elizabeth is from a small village, where her father was a blacksmith. Her mother had died in childbirth. Elizabeth was a very curious, quirky child. Her father taught her much about tool and weapon making, and she continued to dabble into machinery and gears. Her moods always changed drastically from week to week. While in a particulary depressed mood, she had gone wandering into the woods and ran across an ancient clearing, with an unknown language etched into the ground. She read the strange words out loud, following them in the spiral shape they formed. When she reached the center, the letter started to glow and Elizabeth woke up later back in her viallge, her body tingling with new power. The power of a shapeshifter.


Elizabeth is not much of a fighter, but is very reliable, especially in dire situations. She typically fights as another animal, or with a short curved sword. She inherited her fathers blacksmithing abilities, and she has a passion for gear mechanics. Her shapeshifting powers are remarkable, but limited. She is currently bettering her abilities.


So far, Elizabeth has begun a relationship with Aeron, and is always with her and Erevana. Erevana is under a contract with her, that as long as Liz supplies Erevana with people and souls to eat Liz remains her Master.



-A little(lot) insane and unpredictable

-Smithy/mechanical abilities

-becoming more and more intruiged with dark magic

-What we would now call bipolar, but in the timeline of Final Realm, such disorders/diseases are not yet categorized

-played by DCG