• Erevana
  • The Demon Warrior

Erevana is whatever you make her to be, always the perfect servant. But on most occasions she chooses the form of a young girl with pale skin, dark hair and glowing red eyes. Being a creature of sin, she highly enjoys as little clothing as possible. Normally a pair of shorts and her bra will suit. 


Erevana comes from one of the most upheld demon families in Hell, her status that of a princess. Raised with two other siblings by Lucifer; she learned all the best techniques. From luring in prey with the promise of a contract, or being able to swing a death sword around. Still, she wants to keep a low profile and simply devour as many souls as possible. Her own family doesn't even know she's alive. After an angel attack everyone has assumed her dead. She wants it to stay that way. No big shows for her. No attachments. No such thing as love for a demon. And that's just the way she likes it.

Homewrecker - Marina & The Diamonds-0

Homewrecker - Marina & The Diamonds-0


Erevana is about as powerful as her master wishes her to be. Although, she is trained with more power than needed to survive; she will only follow her masters command. While without a contractor she normally enjoys causing strife. She is quite certain her own brother is the one who created the black plague. She's cold and unforgiving in battle and whatever her master commads will be done. She has a death sword that can cut a human in half with one swipe. And has no problem admitting that being unable to kill for a long period of time can leave her restless.