Graax in his planeswalker form.

Graax is a powerful mortal called a planeswalker. He has unkempt black hair, rough stubble and a strange red marking over his left eye. Graax wears a full set of dull iron armor and a tattered red cape. He's tall, but not unbelievably so. Graax also possesses a few scars across his body, though they're usually not visible under his armor.


Graax was a soldier for Burning-Sun Keep, a kingdom far away. The kingdom's nemesis were the Darkshroud, a group of elves who believed that civilization should be toppled. When the Darkshroud attempted to destroy Burning-Sun Keep, Graax and his fellow soldiers were ready to fight to the death to defend it. During the battle, Graax nearly died after coming face-to-face with the elves' champion. However, Graax's spark ignited at that moment. He unleashed his latent abilities and managed to not only save his own life, but drive off the Darkshroud forces. After he discovered that he had become a planeswalker, he decided to travel to different worlds to help stop evil in its tracks.



Graax's sword.

Being a planeswalker, Graax can use magic with ease. He specializes in fire magic, healing, and summoning soldiers to fight for him. Planeswalkers also have the gift of being able to travel between different worlds (i.e. walking between the different planes of existence). Magic abilities aside, he also wields a broadsword that's seen countless battles. His skill is impressive when he is working with others, but in one-on-one combat, he may struggle. Since Graax draws from the energy of the land to cast spells, he prefers the outdoors to battle because it amplifies his magic.


Graax is a calm, patient man, but at times he may believe so much in his own righteousness that he gets carried away. Being the only planeswalker he knows, he feels isolated and alone sometimes. He likes to believe that he's the hero, but his ego can sometimes get in the way of his morality. At best, he is a stoic champion for peace. At worst, he is a self-centered warmonger.