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I am Harun Rutile Soto.....or so I believe to be. It appears I have awoken from a injury produced coma and seem to be wanted for some reason




Human with Wings


My region is currently unknown actually.


  • (to be written)


  • Black Wings
  • Black Eyes
  • Black Hair
  • Six Pack
  • Black Tank-Top
  • Blue Jeans
  • 4 Black Arm Bands
  • Black Sleeve on Right Forearm
  • White Bandaged Left Forearm
  • Height-
  • Weight-
  • Width (Wing Span)-


I do not have any pets........ yet! But if I did.... I probably would name him eihter Alvin or Elvin.....


I found myself wearing some sort of...cross? Maybe it indicates health which may explain why I do have the highest level of Healing Magick. Could there be some sort of Medical Religion I belong to?


I appear to have the ability to morph into any human I want to, however I cannot do so with plants or animals, or any other living creature fot that matter. It is quite an interesting ability I must say, and my wings and thier flying aspect are always useful, not to mention fun!


I have four different swords which I have named Calvin, Baldwin, Kelvin, and Devin, although I only use one or two at a time, and prefer to use Calvin most. All are named with a characteristic and end in -vin or -wyn, meaning FRIEND. They are contractable and therefore are easy to transport and can be placed in my backpack. I aquired these swords when I awoke from my coma and four burly men with these swords attacked and chased me through what seemed like a forest. I also seem to have a rather random fear of horses (which I really hope I overcome).....


Besides what is already in this bio, I do have a backpack which was found beside me when I woke from my coma, that has what I believe to be my name written in it. I keep my shield, four contractable swords, and healing supplies in it currently, along with small portions of food and an object in which water may be kept in, not to mention a secret dagger for times of emergency, shh!!!


I have no armor or defense tool other than a shield with a hideous woman, whith snakes for hair, shield, which I found when I tripped trying to get away from those four horrid men.


I have the highest level of Healing Magick, maybe more magick is to be discovered?

Background StoryEdit

(to be written)