Kaelix is an alchemist, pit fighter, and hydra breeder. Born into a barbarian clan, he is very big and powerful. His entire body is muscular, his shoulders are broad, and he is riddled with small scars. A large scar stretches across his left eye. He has war tatoos on his back, arms and chest. His hair is long, messy, and silver, kept in a rough ponytail that he wairs over his right shoulder. A deep-seeded fear of magic grips him.


Kaelix is a well seasoned alchemist and veteran hydra breeder. He has a special formula that prevents them from growing more than a couple inches. He is a champion pit fighter, rarely losing a match. His personal pet hydra also participates in fights with other mythical beasts.


Lockfang is the aforementioned personal hydra. Being the offspring of two alpha hydras, he is much taller than the average hydra, standing tall at 30 feet. His name sprouts from his pit fighting technique of bitting down and refusing to let go. If he loses a head, the next two will bite harder. He is never apart from Kaelix for more than a few hours without becoming irritable.



Kaelix's house plant and the bane of existence.