Kal Tetron is a human myrmidon from a forest region. Beginning as a traveling mercenary as part of a hired unit, he learned various skills of the trade, such as fighting with traditional weapons. He learned advanced tactical strategies and the ability to improvise in dangerous situations. Kal eventually left the soldiers to pursue his own adventures.


Kal is still a young man, and looks the part. Laughing often throughout his life has given him small creases around his mouth from smiling. He has bright, cheerful brown eyes that dart around from time to time. His hair is very well-maintained, retaining its golden brown coloration. He has a small cross-shaped scar on the bottom left side of his jawbone from battling an opponent with two daggers. Kal is a lean man standing at five feet and eleven inches.


As an infant, Kal was left in the forest by his parents, who did not want him. Little did thy know that the last remaining members of the mythical manakete race resided in the same forest. Kal was taken care of by these survivors until a wandering band of soldiers found the huts in the forest. The soldiers approached unarmed, only to be met with violence. The manaketes fiercely defended their home, and the soldiers were forced to retaliate. While the soldiers only suffered one casualty out of a band of fourteen, the manaketes were unable to defend themselves, and all perished in the battle. Their adopted son, however, was taken back to the soldier's camp, where the warriors raised him, taking him in as a trainee, then a blacksmith's assistant, and finally, a recognized soldier. After eleven years with them, when he was twenty-seven, Kal said goodbye to his guerrilla family. Despite all the fond memories and versatile training, Kal had noticed the decline in a need for mercenaries. Since militia work was slowly being replaced by the the personal army of King Norag Halifax IV. Wishing his brothers and sisters the best of luck, Kal ventured off, taking ferry after ferry to discover new lands and new experiences. Most recently, Kal has come across a ghastly town that appears to have been bereft of any residents for some time.


Kal is a master at moving quickly and silently, befitting of his signature short sword: Tyrfing, magical blade of the last manakete. Tyrfing was gifted with the Binding Talisman, which gives it the qualities of fire. Also known as Seartooth by some of the soldiers, Tyrfing burns when wielded, glowing and shining a blazing auburn. He is moderately skilled in wielding axes and lances, however he is predominantly skilled in using swords.