Leanna is a little girl around the age of 11. She is very shy and quiet, usually not saying anything. She is much smarter than the average 11 year old, even though she was never taught. Her parents died when she was 6, and her took care of her in the forest until she was seven. Two and a half weeks after Leanna's 7th birthday, Leanna found her sister with a spear through the lower part of her rib cage. Her sister was already dead, and somebody had carved into a tree trunk these exact words, 'the prophet is coming for you. You cannot run, you cannot hide. You are doomed.' Leanna was terrified, not knowing who or what the prophet was. She had no choice but to try to survive, living off of edible plants her sister had shown her. Then one day, a tall dark haired woman came gasping out of the bushes. She grasped Leanna's shoulders, speaking very quickly in a language Leanna didn't know. A purple grayish mist curled out of the woman's mouth as she spoke, envolping Leanna. Just as a group of men came crashing after the woman, the dark haired lady fell down, dead. Leanna ran, tears spilling down her face. She had no idea what was going on. Was that creepy lady the prophet? What would happen to Leanna now? She found a tree with huge rised roots, and curled up in a sobbing ball beneath the tree. Under the tree was her first vision. She had a vision of herself, sitting against a brick wall, in som kind of big place with hard gray stuff for the floor, shiny railing on a lowered part of the floor, and a big shiny long thing on wheel shot past on the railing on the floor. She was so frightened, it looked like one of her sisters fantasy's about something called a station.

Age/race: Leanna is eleven years old, a human. But since she has become the Prophet, she looks much older than she is. She will live until she passes the prophet spirit onto another person.

Appearance:Leanna used to have dark brown hair, but since her encounter with the woman it has slowly been turning silver.

Leanna does not carry anything with her.