She is a loving older sister of five. And is in charge of her family's very successful chocolate business. She is a Guardian Angle and watches over siblings. She lives in the Human World, but can go to the Demon World as she pleasses. Her Butler, Willam it trying to killer to get the fortune for himself. She saved someone from being killed by a demon that willam had made a contract with to kill her and that someone trying to helper alomst died. Someone had saved her from death and made her and Guardian Angle pluse made it possible for her to stay in the Human World. Now she protects her siblings from Willam. 


Sense she is an angel, she has healing abilities. Embody herself from an angel to human form. Able to travel from the human world to demon realm at any. Not fond of killing people, but will do it if needed.


Has long white hair that almost reaches her tail bone. Crystal blue eyes. She is thin and lengthy. She wears a white skirt that comes a little past her knees. Another white long sleeve blouse and white slip ons.


She is somewhat quite unless angered. Kind of social, has a tiny bit of a hard time trusting others. Friends with everyone, although she and Ervanna don't get along to well she still considers her as a friend. Very mature (at times).


In progress.

-played by Cajapey