Appearance: I'm 6'3" I have blond hair, light skin and an unidentifiable accent


- half blessed half cursed katana

- travel clothes and light leather armor

- a belt of potions and gadgets I've collected

- a wide brim hat

- pair of mechanical wings

- an expanding shield

- the claw charm that keeps me seperate from dimensions


- able to freely dislocate every joint in body

- quick learner

- potions on belt may give abilitys but tend to be random


- blunt, no tact

- odd sense of humor

- Analytical

Back story: One day while traveling in my original world I came upon a hole in a tree. The hole seemed to go forever but the tree was only a few feet thick so I decided to investigate. I climbed into the tree and wrigled a little bit to move forward. The tunnel soon got wider until I was able to simply crawl. I crawled in the darkness for a little while longer when suddenly there was nothing to crawl on, and I fell for an unidentifiable time into oblivion, mostly think to myself "Yup I'm screwed." until finally I landed on a squishy yet hard surface. I slid down and stopped on a stone floor, right in front of two gigantic yellow eyes. Torches all around the room ignited and revealed a colossal black dragon! He opened his maw towards me and, yawned?

"So another living creature has discovered the between realms. How interesting and a human no less, how interesting indeed."

"Ummm hello Mr. Dragon, if your not going to eat me can you tell me where I am?" I asked cautiously.

"Why your in the between realms. The world between worlds. A world that links to any possible world that ever could have been." he replied while streaching his tail "Well, you won't be able to go any where with out a charm so here." he said cracking the tip of one of his claws of over my head I caught it and before I could look back he whipped his tail at me sending me into one of the tunnels and into a new dimension his low growl of "Happy travels." could be heard behind me.

Ever since then I've been traveling through the labyrinth that makes up the area between dimensions. Being in the between space has virtually stopped my aging. If I ever loose the claw I will imeadiately ejected into the mid realms until I can get my hands on it again.