I am Matthew Siroxim a werewolf. I am an unsual werewolf though, as unlike other werewolfs I have 9 tails instead of 1. That is because I have dark magic. The dark magic grew 8 more tails giving me 9 tails. I am a very skilled fighter magic wise and close combat wise and I can be found in the mountains hunting for food or just chilling.


Male; Dark Magic Enhanced Werewolf


  • Dark Magic
  • Natural Werewolf Abilities:
  • Powerful Sense of Smell
  • Great Vision
  • Supreme Strength
  • Telapathy
  • Virtually Immortal: Due to constant regeneration of my physical tissue I am virtually immortal.
  • Werewolf Curse: Whenever I bite someone they will get a werewolf curse and the curse is impossible to lift.


I have furry black fur and I have 9 tails. I have eyes with no pupils and I am 5'4. I wear silver armor on my right shoulder and on my neck I have a necklace. I wear this light blue waste wear around my waste with a red strap that has little black cupes on it at the end strapped around the waste wear. I have a sheath on the left side of my waste and a mask on the left side.

Matthew Non-Werewolf FormEdit

When I am not in his werewolf form I have semi-long
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brown soft wavy hair and brown eyes eyes. I wear a black string gold medalion necklace around my neck. I wear a black button up jacket over a white shirt. I wear slim black pants and black sandals. I do not have all my werewolf powers in this form only, only my enhanced senses.


I have one red katana that has a silver hilt with carved designs and an oval shaped hilt guard.