I am Meishka Maholson, a Wood Elf who is a slight naturalist, but I'm still a good wilderness survivor. I am a useful person to take along with long, dangerous adventures. I'm knowledgeable about fighting and other things. I can usually be found in the woods, just wandering in peace most of the time. *deceased*


Female Wood Elf


  • I can morph into any animal/living being
  • I am a nature spirit, so I can manipulate the forest meaning bringing things back to life, making the trees listen to commands, etc.


I am usually a wood elf and when I am this is what I look like: tall, long blonde hair that is usually left down, pointed ears, hazel eyes, and an elvish look. When I am a dragon, I am hundreds of feet wide (wingspan wise), and am longer still. I am white with golden horns and eyes. Some call me an arctic dragon, but really I am just a white dragon. I can change my color and appearance if I wish, but I usually am a white dragon. I have four limbs, two wings, a tail, and two horns that point backwards.


Three knifes (two elvish ones, and a smaller one hidden in my sleeve), occasionally a bow, and I am looking for a smith to make me a sword.

Hometown/Background StoryEdit

I lived peacefully in the elven town of Kanala until age twelve. By then, my father, the mayor of Kanala, had arranged for me to be married to some idiot brute, Thomes. He loved me, but I wanted nothing to do with him. So one day I ran away, and he happened to see me and follow me. Me, Thomes, Arushka, and possibly my missing sister are the only ones left from Kanala. When I had ran away, a dark elf came and set the entire outside of the town on fire, trapping them. They couldn't get out, and the elves that didn't burn suffocated first, I had come back to the smoking remains of my home town. After that, both of us were adopted to noble families, but thankfully separate ones.


  • Highest level of healing magick
  • I can do a few other various things with magick