Rien is a simple place, you go there for a job or you were born there. The gaurds don't care for your troubles. Quite large, and like a maze. The tavern has beds, but don't expect to get one, the guards have most likely already taken them. If you're a woman, you should avoid almost every man you see, and always be with a friend.



The town of Rien

They'll waste all their money at the tavern on whores and drinks. Don't approach any guard and not expect to pushed away or harrassed. All of the guards are corrupt except for the new ones and they don't last too long.

Jarl RederEdit

The jarl of Rien is as corrupt as the guards. He pays bandits to leave him alone and pays others to stay silent. The jail is often filled with people who have no really paid their debts to him. Don't make him angry, even if he and his guards are corrupt, they listen to him and have a very special way of torture.


Most of this village is filled with petty thiefs and people looking to make it by. The normal pay here is one thirty copper a week, not even enough to get a full meal at the tavern. The people are rough and don't have time to mess around. You're lucky if you see the kids actually playing tag with each other and not working.