Stars Border 2

  1. No arguing whatsoever. I don't like it, and its disrespectful.
  2. All users will be accepted equally, regardless of personal conflicts.
  3. No spamming, it annoying and nobody likes it. Spamming includes more than 4 emoticons, putting blank spaces over and over again, saying the same thing over and over again.
  4. There will be no excessive cussing, like using the word several times, but you can cuss.
  5. To ban, you must have proof and a good reason. There will be no irrational banning, and no banning because of personal reasons, anger at the person, or hate.
  6. No God modding, which includes taking over others' characters, making your weapon/character invincible or a god, and don't say your character can summon gods or any crap like that. We will not tolerate it, and it will be treated with two warnings and then a ban.
  7. No window stretching.
  8. Do not insult any user, rank or not. Its extremely rude, and will be treated with only one warning and then a ban.
  9. You can make your own storyline, but keep in mind that if you include anyone else, you can write a part for them, but they don't have to do it exactly how you say. You cannot tell them what they can or cant do.
  10. This is a Medieval role play site, and we will not tolerate Modern items like guns, futuristic things like ray guns and all that. There are other planets, but they all are in the same timeline. Don't give us crap about, 'he time traveled' or 'she can cut through time.' You can do things like Ryll Shados with Sindanar, and cut through to the other space.
  11. A user is given two warnings and then a ban after doing any of the following:
  • Spamming.
  • Excessive cussing.
  • Disrespect to chat mods, admins, or any user.
  • No excessive caps. You can do it once or twice, put always having caps lock on is annoying.
  • Not adhering to the aforementioned rules.

12. No editing or changing others characters. Its their property, in a way. Even spelling/grammar fixes. If something needs to be fixed, you can ask them in the comment section of the page.

Feel free to leave a comment saying any rules you believe should be added.

These rules DO apply to everywhere on the wiki, including chat.

Thank You! :)