Race: Human

Height: 5'2

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Icy Blue

Age: 12 1/2

My StoryEdit

Sinderion Valdari is a young boy that is wandering around in Thornbark Forest. He is running from an assassin troupe that he was forced to join as a child after the troupe burned his village to the ground. He lost all his family in the attack including his parents and his beloved older sis. Sadly the troupe leader wiped all the mental images from his memory and so he can no longer remember what they looked like. All he remembers is that his sister had a nickname for him that no one else called him. That name was Snow. She called me that because it was my first word and it was part of our best memory together. Because of this Sinderion decided to become an Ice mage so he can make it snow whenever he wants.

Powers and Fighting StyleEdit

Sinderion learned many things from the assassin troupe he was a part of. He was known as the living kiss of death because his talent for murder coupled with his control of the cold he "sucked the warmth out of his victims leaving them stone cold dead." Sinderion uses a saxe knife, a serrated dagger, and throwing knifes. He has the ability called absolute zero that can freeze solid everything in a 5ft radius around him. Also his only other power is called frostbite which is a spell cast on his weapon that will cause frostbite on an enemy whereever his blades touch them. Essentially he is an extremely close range fighter with a limited ranged attack which is about 30ft because that is the max range he can accurately hit something using his throwning knives and have them enchanted with frostbite.