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This is where users request certain rights, such as Admin, Chat Mod, and Bureaucrats. After getting aproved by DCG the user will be put up to vote here.

Chat Mod

Chat mods are uses who moderate chat and keep chat in order. They are able to kick/ban users from chat if users misbehave.


  • The edits must be quality edits, no skimming by with comments. (30+)
  • You must have no record of banning, unless the ban was an accident. (I know, a bit crazy, but its happened before)
  • Must be in Chat a decent ammount of time.


Admin are users who can do several things, such as IP ban, block, ban from chat, lock pages, make chat mods, etc.


  • Again, quality edits. (30+)
  • No record of banning
  • Must have all chat mod requirements, and you must be trustworthy, as well as a frequent user


Bureaucrats are the highest rank there is. They are the ones who are able to make Admin, but they cannot really do much without admin rights which they are able to give themselves.


  • AGAIN, quality edits. (30+)
  • No banning
  • Meets requirements for chat mod and admin, and they must have been a user for more than a week. No new users. Must be a trust worthy user, friendly, constantly on.