My name is Starimus... My last name shouldn't be revealed. I live traveling through many places finding new adventures. I don't know why I am wondering around the world but I guess this is what I love to do and have to do. People think of me as some kind of ghost or a gang, but seriously don't judge a person like that. I am none of that, I am kind in the inside. And... everything else about me is... classified.


Starimus is a tall teenager with blue eyes and dark stormy hair. He is always seen waring a long white suit that goes from his neck to his feet. They say is a deep scar going across his left eyes yet no one has ever seen it.

Starimus' Life

Starimus was grown in a country far away and from age of 5, he was trained to be a warrior. He ran away after being trained for 7 years and disappered into the foggy forestes of Alkaha. Now, he has come back and is travling to many many places in the world searching for new adventures.

Equipment Skills
* A foot long Bronze Sword * Well skilled Sword Fighting Skills
* A pen knife hidden in Starimus' suit * Quiet Knifing
* A pair of hand armour * Quiet Ambush Attacks
* A pair of Heavy Leather Shoes * Well skilled Lock Pick
* A pair of Leather Gloves * Fast Sword Fighting Skills