Tiri is a wood elf, no job no real life. She travels around hoping to be able to eat, and trying to find information about her past.


The only thing Tiri can recall about her past is waking up cage one day surrounded by bandits. They poked and prouded her and finally beat her out of the cage, taking her to their camp. She stayed their for five weeks, the bandits harassed her and beat her, but she never broke. On the day of her escape the bandit leader had drank almost a whole barrel full of mead, he dragged her out to the fire where they all ate and began to burn her. Then something clicked in her head and she grabbed the leader, pushing him into the fire. The other bandits were dead in a second and Tiri woke from her trance, covered in blood. Now she travels trying to find out what happened to her, what her age is, and where she learned to fight like that.


Tiri carrys only a dagger around with her, never really needing to use it. If she has any sort of magical abilities, she has not seen them. (The trance thing was just really well training from her past)


Tiri is often moody and impatient, but she is a good listener. She is often quite stubborn and reserved. She does get quite anxious and has a panic attack every once in a while. Easily angered but never really rude when angry. She likes solitude but not isolation. Amnesia has not helped with her not helped with her mania. Tiri has acrophobia(fear of hieghts), agateophobia(fear of insanity), a slight androphobia(fear of men, doesn't mean she won't be friends with them though), and doxophobia(fear of expressing opoinions or getting praise).


Tiri has really short blond hair and brown eyes. She wears a black cloak that reaches her feet, she wears tightly bound bandages as a shirt, simple brown pants and belt and simple brown boots.


In progress.

-played by HarlyQ500(this might mean that Aeron dies :/)
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Tiri,she's not from a game, I made this ^